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The following words all use this character. Words in the HSK list are shown by [number], where number indicates the HSK level.

为什么  wèishénme - why, why (or how) is it that … [2]
因为  yīnwèi - because (used with 因为...所以 yīnwèi… suǒyǐ) [2]
认为  rènwéi - think, consider, believe [3]
为  wèi - because of, for, in order to [3]
为了  wèile - for, for the sake of, in order to [3]
成为  chéngwéi - turn into, become [4]
以为  yǐwéi - think, consider, believe [4]
行为  xíngwéi - act, action, behaviour, conduct [5]
作为  zuòwéi - regard as, take for, as [5]
见义勇为  jiànyìyǒngwéi - never hesitate to do what is right (idiom from the Analects) [6]
迄今为止  qìjīnwéizhǐ - so far, up to now [6]
人为  rénwéi - artificial, manmade [6]
为难  wéinán - cause difficulties/problems for [6]
为期  wéiqī - (to be completed) by a definite date [6]
无能为力  wúnéngwéilì - incapable of action, powerless [6]


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